Felipe grew up in our summer camp, over the years he has evolved from being a participating camper, to a willing helper to a full fledged counselor. Felipe’s specialty is house games. Nobody can play cards, chess, backgamon with more dedication than Felipe. He is always willing to set up courts and gather kids for pick up dodge ball games, basketball, capture the flag and softball. Felipe’s favorite games are night games where he can hide in a tree and make funny animal sounds until an eager group of kids can find him. Felipe is a kind and inclusive young man who is always willing to help entertain any camper that wants or needs some quiet time playin board games before dinner.
When Mechita’s big sisters came to Las Mulas, Mechita, with her beautiful head of red curls, was still a toddler. And NOW, she is the absolute star counselor in the eyes of the campers, she is a fast swimmer and a brave jumper. Mechita came many years as a camper and won the esteemed “Spirit of Las Mulas” prize and still retains the spirit of youth and knows how to make every day more fun than the last. Mechita went to Merymount School in New York and graduated from the Grange School in Chile and now is finishing her first year in of Design at the Universidad Catolica. We feel very fortunate to count on Mechita at camp.

Oscar has been with us for many years. He is a licensed kinesiologist with a background in emergency medicine, a venerate horseman, and a catch and release fly-fishermen. As loving father and family man he is also a caring and protective presence for our campers. Oscar is willing to lend a helping hand in any situation, from hiking to swimming, from first aid to fishing; his strong, able presence is invaluable at camp. His love for nature and passion for the Achibueno valley makes him a strong exponent of the local culture and ecology.

Sofia  is the best big sister  at camp.. The smaller campers go to Sofia for solving problems. This role comes easy to her as she it the eldest of 5 siblings. Sofia, a school friend of Elisa’s, has been coming to Las Mulas since she was little. In Santiago Sofia works at a law firm and has her own translation company (and translates movies too!). She has lived in Isla de Pascua and the United States and has traveled much of the world.

Johnnie Mac is our very own “Johnnie Cash” and professional carpenter. His incredible baritone voice and talent and passion for music is an inspiration for us all. His songs get us going clapping and dancing; his infectious musical energy encourages us to join the sing-alongs. See the Johnnie Mac “Clappers” on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Las-Mulas-Summer-Camp-243218315723417/?pnref=lhc
He keeps the kids safe in the carpentry shop and supervises the boat building for his hallmark “Las Mulas Boat Race”.
Johnnie Mac is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts and can be seen preforming at regular gigs in the fall and winter.

When Manuela arrived with her sister in 1995 she was an adorable, shy, brown-eyed little girl who became instantly hooked on the beautiful mountain trails and stunning scenery. Now, after an international childhood, she is a grown woman with a long list of accomplishments in Art and Music. She is a singer song/songwriter with CD’s and international gigs. Manuela graduated from Marymount School in New York and the Universidad Católica in Chile. Manuela is incredibly physically fit and knows the valley up and down. She has swam and jumped in all the pools from La Gloria to Las Mulas and is a safety-conscious and strong leader. Manuela, like us, has the Achibueno river in her veins and comes back just about every year to refresh her spirit and work with the kids. Her sense of humor, her incredible patience and positive attitude make her indispensible, WE LOVE HER, but we know that her rising music career may take her out of Chile one day. In any case, Manuela is family and she will always have a place around the campfire with us!

Jason came to our camp in 2015 from Canada , while working on his doctorate in theater specializing in group dynamics. Woohoo! He took us to a new level with group games that help children to wake up and laugh every morning. Strategies for group activities have given our camp an invaluable sense of unity and cohesion. We are delighted that he will return in 2017 .

Robyn is wonderfully friendly, kind and patient, and also an extreme athlete! She has created ski camps for children for many years in Stowe, Vermont and is a long-distance runner and competitive skier. Her organizational skills are vital for us in the daily running of the camp and her boundless energy has her leading campers on special excursions up mountains. The entire camp loves it too, when Robyn and a group of children make her famous apple crumble  – it’s so delicious, we always want more!

Angel, an Arizona native who has been attending and later working in summer camps throughout his life. He was strongly recommended to us by a camper of many years, Philippe, who met him when his family moved from Chile to Arizona.  Angel, with his fun, playful spirit and his entrepreneurial skills is an excellent influence on the children. In addition to working with us, he is a world traveler, outdoor-education student, adventure photographer and at a young age became a successful businessman. Angel also plays the guitar and is an energetic leader of fort-building in our native forests.

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