Dear Parents,
First of all, thank you for giving your child this opportunity. Las Mulas is a wonderful and magical place for children to experience play and live the adventure of their dreams.
Following are a few instructions that I think will help you for preparing your child and their baggage.
  • There is no electricity. Leave all expensive gadgets and electronic devices at home.
  • Please don’t send expensive sunglasses, and fashion items, they get lost and broken and we can’t keep track of everything.
  • Please instruct them on the use of flashlights so their batteries last for the 2 weeks.
  • For the days leading up to the camp remind them a few times about lip protector and sunscreen application.
  • Pack with them so they learn to pack their bag for the return trip.
  • Children over 8 should be able to lift their own bag and carry it to their room.
  • Please send little or no candy and NO GUM.
  • Send a maximum of $2000 to $5000 pesos. They can buy treats on the train. There are no shopping trips.
  • Send a few books and encourage them to read.

In the first 20 years of running the camp we have never had to call home for a homesick child. If they get homesick it’s usually at night when they are tired; by morning they are happily waiting by the fire for pancakes and hot chocolate.

We have the radio for emergencies and don’t make many calls otherwise. It is difficult and time consuming to try to make radio calls; no news is good news.

Accidents rarely happen. We give a serious talk the first day of camp about taking care of ourselves and of each other; emphasizing how to be responsible in the mountain environment.

I hope this gives first time parents more confidence!

Kindest Regards,

Mary Seppi

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