In her continuing quest for professional development, Mary completed her Master’s Degree in Education (EdM) from Harvard University in 2010. The studies at Harvard confirmed her beliefs in the importance of the subtle work she does with children in Las Mulas in the areas of self control, responsibility, perseverance and inclusion. The Harvard degree, in addition to her B.S. in Recreation Administration from San Jose State University and a Bilingual Teaching Credential (BCLAD) from San Diego State University have given her an interesting career in education. Mary’s strong belief in the importance of unstructured play times and her dogged attention to safety (both physical and emotional) has made Las Mulas Summer Camp a popular and successful vacation for international residents of Chile for over twenty years.

Elisa has been a part of the summer camp since it started in 1993 and she has known this Andean landscape since she was a baby. Over her many years of experience with children and wilderness Elisa has grown to understand how to safely introduce the Andes to children of all ages and physical abilities. As our Director, and head counselor, Elisa makes sure that the entire group of counselors is properly trained and able to guide and care for your children. Her physical strength and stamina are essential for leading adventures as well as yoga classes, swimming, games and art classes. Elisa’s fun energy, her sensitivity to children and her understanding of what our camp has to offer helps her foster deep bonds with the children. Outside of the Andes, Elisa earned her Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Studio Art at the University of California at Davis. After nearly ten years of running her very successful design and construction firm in California, Elisa changed carrier paths. Elisa is now living full time in Chile where she is building Las Mulas to be a year-round guest house. Packed into her busy schedule, she is also fulfilling her lifetime dream of creating “Las Animas Arts and Ecology Center” which is situated up river from Las Mulas. The center is already providing space for workshops in different areas of sustainable agriculture, bee-keeping and forest gardens.

Augusto, husband of Elisa and father of Ayla is a multi-diciplinary businessman and organic farmer who provides delicious wholesome vegetables for our camp. During the year Augusto manages the infrastructure and improvements of Las Mulas, and during camp he oversees all camp logistics, safety as well as being a fatherly figure for all campers. He is in great physical condition, and leads daily adventure hikes, river excursions, and documents children’s play with his talented eye for photography. During his spare time Augusto plays tennis and enjoys his family life.

Remembering Jorge

Remembering Jorge Sepúlveda 7/26/1948 – 5/23/2012

Jorge was a venerable mountain man who lived year around in Las Mulas, the home of the Summer Camp. Born and reared in Linares, Jorge spent his childhood exploring the Achibueno Canyon. Over the last three decades he designed and built his beautiful log home to accommodate eco-tourists from all over the world. His love of nature and explorer’s spirit took him, and many visitors on daunting trips into the farthest reaches of his surrounding Andes Mountains. He knew every canyon, lake, waterfall and stream that this inventive mountain landscape offered him. As an experienced horseman, Jorge was equipped to teach and guide the horse excursions. His animated personality always entertained the children with fireside stories of adventures and local culture. Besides being the director of logistics for countless mountain trips, Jorge was an accomplished chef who oversaw the kitchen and camp menu. In addition to all of Jorge’s qualities, we truly appreciated his intuition with respect to children, horses and weather! We miss him dearly and will recall all he taught us over the years for guidance in keeping our camp safe, fun and respectful towards each other and the local ecology.

Remembering David

Remembering David 1954 – 2017

David, an old friend of the family and the father of long-time campers, Hugh and Hannah was one of our favorite people in the world. For many years, David rolled up his sleeves and went to work on any number of Las Mulas projects – there is nothing that David couldn’t fix or improve. He saved us innumerable times as a gentle fatherly figure for kids needing support as well as an expert problem solver from diesel engines to water supply, from structural repairs to menu innovations. As well as being a full-time father to Hugh and Hannah, David found time to visit family in Canada, participate in world class sailing trips and maintain deep friendships with his friends from all over the world and work at his Tortilla Factory business in Santiago with Vern and Jon.

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